API - Recharge Card Printing

Parameter_Name Description
username Your Boompei username
apiKey Your Boompei API Key
network MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9MOBILE
denomination denomination code, click Here to see
name Company name to show on generated pin
quantity quantity of epin to be generated

API Command:

//Replace **** with your username, api key...

//where username is Peter, apiKey is sag8rqpfa8vkpn1ler56ygh8kxxw1aor8, network is MTN, denomination is 100, name is PTech, quantity is 2


JSON Format:
{"status":"Approved","transaction_id":"ilucdtz9ngo","network":"MTN","denomination":"100","quantity":"2","bundle": [{"token":"9032-1669-9730-07262","serial":"00000022454369256"},{"token":"9053-6524-7385-45315","serial":"00000022454369260"}],"balance":"2000"}

Else, if there is an error in your request, one of the responses below will be displayed in this format:
{"error":"ERR201","description":"Invalid Username or Api Key"}

Error Description
ERR200 Username Field Is Empty
ERR201 Invalid Username or Api Key
ERR203 Insufficient Balance
ERR205 Quantity not available
ERR206 Order Not Processed

denomination code Description
100 N100 recharge card epin
200 N200 recharge card epin
500 N500 recharge card epin
1000 N1000 recharge card epin